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Our mixed-waste processing system is sometimes referred to as a dirty MRF (Material Recovery Facility). A Clean MRF only accepts clean recyclables collected in blue bins. Our Facility  accepts a mixed solid waste stream and then proceeds to separate out designated recyclable materials through a combination of manual and mechanical sorting.

Our MRF process starts with us weighing the incoming waste and then the waste is dumped onto what we call the tipping floor. We use a front end loader or other bulk material handling equipment to begin the sorting process. The sorted material then drops into a large steel bin which begins our processing. This bin is also called a drum feeder. This feeder sorts the material onto a conveyor at a steady rate, while also regulating the density of the material on the conveyor so that it is not packed too tightly together. Next, material goes to a pre-sort station, where our workers remove any trash, plastic bags or other mistakenly placed trash material. From here the material undergoes further sorting and processing until reaching the point where it can be sent out for recycling. We Love our Earth, and we are proud to Own and Operate a Facility that has a vested interest in protecting our environment.

Las Vegas Recycling Center

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Las Vegas

A Recycling Solution (a sister company to A Track out) is proudly located in Las Vegas, A Recycling Solution a Clark County and Southern Nevada Health District approved Material Recycling Facility provides you with an easy and no-hassle way to handle all of your recycling needs. A Recycling Solution has been serving the Las Vegas area since 2006. We offer roll-off container and Compactor services for manufacturers, demolition companies, fabricators, and machine/maintenance shops, etc., with service second to none. We can place a container of various sizes at your location and pick it up when you are ready.

A Recycling Solution also recognized that with the trend toward more environmental individuals and profit-minded small businesses, a different approach towards retail recycling was needed. For those with smaller quantities of metals, not in need of large roll-off containers, we now offer a new solution for this at our recycling facility. A Recycling Solution has increased its customer base steadily over the years with a customer-minded approach.

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